Thursday, July 8, 2010

\C A R /

it's been a long time I didn't write here. yah, got lots of work to do.
whenever I reach at home, I can't stop yawning. sigh.

now, I barely watch TV. what's on TV right now? I don't know. do not ever ask me yah.

ugh! one more thing! can't wait to have my own car..!! poor Baba. everyday have to send me to Wawa's home in the morning and then pick me up at work in the evening. yah, i know. it's tiring. my workplace is too far from my house. it is good and convenience to have my own car. soon dear, soon.

don't ever ask me whats my dream car are. now, i really cant afford it. sad.
now, my dream is something that is low installment, low fuel. everything must come out with LOW. haha.

okay lah. looks like i'm blank right now and dont know what to say anymore.

so, so long frens and readers out there.


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